In the News: DOE Office of Science

As published by the Department of Energy Office of Science: (download PDF) High-temperature superconductor (HTS) cables offer a potential breakthrough for developing a lower cost path to fusion energy, as well as for the next generation of proton-proton colliders. Current fusion and accelerator magnets are built using low- temperature superconductors

In the News: Cold Facts

As published by the Cryogenic Society of America in Cold Facts, Vol 31, No 3: Development of HTS CORC® Cables for High Field Magnets and Advanced Power Transmission by Dr. Danko van der Laan, president and CEO, Advanced Conductor Technologies LLC, 2014 Roger W. Boom awardee, Substantial effort put

In the News: SuperPower, Inc.

As published by SuperPower, Inc.: SuperPower adds thinner substrate options to superconducting wire offerings – SuperPower adds a 30 micron substrate geometry to further increase product flexibility and increase current density March 31, 2014 – Hannover, Germany – SuperPower Inc., a subsidiary of Furukawa Electric Company, Ltd. of Japan, is

In the News: Daily Camera

As published by the Daily Camera: CU-Boulder spinoff Advanced Conductor Technologies commercializes high-performance cable technology By Alicia Wallace, Camera Business Writer POSTED: 03/06/2014 03:49:23 PM MST Boulder-based Advanced Conductor Technologies LLC has started to commercialize a high-performance superconductor cable that resulted from technology developed at the University of Colorado and

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